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Our patients value the professional care and personal treatment provided by our therapists. Their satisfaction with our services is evidenced by their timely recovery and their willingness to share their thoughts. The section below portrays their experiences at our office in their own words.


We are truly grateful to our patients for these testimonials. They are the finest compliment to our values and commitment to care. We are honored to have them as part of our growing family of satisfied and healthy individuals.

Dennis St. Jean


Pain, relief and trust


My experiences  with Fatima Ghadially have covered all three of these areas. After numerous diagnosis and various attempts to correct my continuing back and hip problems,  I was directed to another orthopedic specialist where I was introduced to Fatima who immediately diagnosed that I was in dire need of physical therapy for the strengthening of my IT band.


So my story began a little over a year ago. With both hip and back problems pretty much gone, due to her and my efforts, I now see her fora stress fracture in my right knee.


Fatima is someone I truly trust! With patience and you doing your part, she is someone you can count on to provide what you are looking for:  RELIEF FROM PAIN.


Dennis St. Jean

Germantown, Md.

Irene Moreno


I’ve come in contact with quite a few physical therapists in my life and I can say with utmost confidence that Fatima Ghadially was the best; equipped with the greatest talent for care. She goes beyond what is expected of a medical professional. It goes without saying that her passion for generally wanting to see the happiness in her patients shines through her work.


Fatima Ghadially has the heart and the brains to truly overachieve in this profession. With that said I would recommend her services to anyone in need of healing and comfort. Not only does she make it her personal mission to see you better, but she also takes the time to get to know you as a person rather than just another client. This alone makes Fatima Ghadially one of the greatest physical therapist in that her added kindness and humanist character leaves one with the confidence that you will be better after her treatment.


You can expect quality service here and nothing less.


Irene Moreno


Aura Orellana


My mother who is 84 years old had been suffering from back pain and plantar fasciitis. Due to her advanced age many physicians had recommended Cortisone shots and strong prescription medication for temporary pain relief.  


My mother was referred to Fatima, whose gifted hands and professional service has made my mother pain free. I credit her wellbeing to the knowledge and care that Fatima provided to my mother during her physical therapy sessions.  


It is not just the service but the individualized attention which Fatima provides to her patients that makes a difference in their lives. Fatima has our unreserved gratification for being a wonderful human being. May she be blessed and continue her professionalism for whoever seeks her assistance.


Thank you for all you have done.

Grace Chacon (Daughter)

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